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Logan's Story

About 4 years ago, we were contacted by a friend of one of our daughter's about a person wanting to sell a Boxer. I talked with the mother of the person wanting to sell Logan. She told me that she went on her lunch hour everyday she worked to let Logan go outside, but that her child had him in a crate the rest of the time. Her "child" was in his mid twenties. His finance' had bought Logan as a gift for him. However, the wedding was called off and the son could not bear to have anything to do with Logan as he reminded him of his ex -future wife.
My daughter and I went to look at Logan. Once there I knew he was NOT going to stay there if we could help it. I gave them a check for $250 and left with Logan. His tail was permanantly bent from being in a crate way too small for a Boxer. We put him in the backseat of my pickup and by the time we got home, it was covered with hair. I have Aussies and I know how they shed, this was far worse, Logan's hair was actually falling out in clumps. After a complete examination by our vet, Logan had a skin infection, respitory infection, a stomach infection, and thyroid issues. His body condition barely resembled a Boxer, very malnourished. To this day, Logan is still taking meds.
We found out by his registration papers that he came from an Iowa backyard breeder and was sold to a broker in Missouri, then to a Missouri pet shop where he was purchased.
Debi Freeman entered Logan's life a short time later.....Debi has spent numerous hours sitting up with Logan in the wee hours of the morning Logan as he recovered. The grahpic details of what Logan went thru just trying to breathe, are not something everyone would like to hear. Debi has a heart of gold to do this for a dog that she barely knew. We are very thankful for the day that Debi contacted us about Logan. She drove 7 hours to get him and another 7 hours home, all from her own pocket. Debi and her husband Kevin, have also spent in the area of $2500 on Logan in vet bills. It has genuinely paid off. Logan is in a home that can only be described as LOVING and now is actually gaining weight like a Boxer should.In the first months after getting Logan and taking him on walks, people would shy away from even looking at Logan, and some people made some remarks about him that were far less than polite. That has all changed. Logan, Debi, and Kevin have made this happen. Logan is an affectionate, loving,well mannered boy that deserves a home like he has with Kevin and Debi.
Logan and his new family inspired us to start Field of Dreams Rescue.
Erica & Scott

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